I have been going to the dentist for more than a few years. And, I have spent a lot of money--seen a lot of fancy dentists over the years. Root canals, Crowns, adult braces, bridges. You name it, I've had it done. Without question Dr. Pombra is the all around best dental professional I have ever encountered. She is gentle, pragmatic--does the work that needs doing. Doesn't do the work that doesn't. She has a fine sense of humor. Her team at the office are always on point with a smile, taking care of the business details. I am not the happiest guy on earth when sitting in the dentist chair. I can honestly say I always look forward to heading out to see Dr. Pombra for an appointment. I could not recommend her any more highly. She is a fantastic dentist!

Robert W.

I have been coming to Dr. Pombra's office for over 10 years and have only had wonderful experiences here! Super prompt, easy to communicate with, great reminders for appointments, nice office. But most importantly Dr. Pombra and her staff are gentle, thorough, personable, and very professional.

Sue S.

I'll have to second another Yelper that stated Pombra Dental changed their view of dentist visits 180. Dr. Pombra and each and every member of her team that I encountered were extremely welcoming, thorough in their work, explained all of the work and steps they were taking, and also took the time to get to know me as a patient and also personally. As someone in the military, I've found it to be a luxury to have one consistent dentist. I had such a difficult time finding a civilian dental office that accepted TriCare dental and I'm so relieved that Dr. Pombra's office was one of only 5 offices in the greater Bay Area that does so. I'd definitely recommend this office.

Jacklyn C.